Scholarships 2018

Every year the G.M.F.C. and B.C.L.S. provide scholarships to a few select nominees.  Below you will find the details for these as we receive them.


Every year the G.M.F.C. gives out $500 scholarships to students continuing on to Canadian Universities, colleges and technical schools. This year there are funds for three (3) scholarships available. Eligibility requirements (here) and application form (here) are available for download.

Last years winners were Jared Hamelin from Richmond Gem & Mineral Club, and Crystal Chow from Hastings Centre Rockhound Club BC.

There is also the Honourary Scholarship award of $1000.00 to the university of choice by the winning nominee. Last year there were no entries. As per law we have to give out the $1000 scholarship, the board selected the University of Victoria.  Application to nominate someone is here (Page 1, Page 2).

Anyone interested and eligible should fill out the forms and return by the deadlines indicated to:

RR 5 Site 26 Comp 21
Prince Albert SK S6V 5R3


To provide one (2) undergraduate scholarships in the amount of One Thousand Five
Hundred Dollars ($1,500.00) each to student(s) at an accredited University, College, or
Technical school in Canada. The scholarship money is to be used exclusively for tuition
and books.
1. (a) The applicant must be the child or grandchild of a B.C.L.S. member in good
standing for the previous 3 years preceding the date of the scholarship application
(b) The applicant is a B.C.L.S. member in good standing for the previous 3 years.
2. The applicant must be in the process of graduating (or have graduated) from a
secondary school which is accredited by the provincial Department of Education of
British Columbia.
3. The applicant must be accepted as a full-time, undergraduate student at an
accredited University, College, or Technical school in Canada, for the year in which
the application is made for.
4. An essay of 300 words detailing the applicant’s interests, education and why they
should be awarded the scholarship must be submitted with the application. The
omission of an essay will exclude the applicant from the Society’s review.
5. The application form must be obtained from the club to which the applicant, parent,
grandparent or junior member belongs.
6. The applicant can qualify under section 1(a) or 1(b). All other sections apply to
all applicants.
7. Prior to the application being forwarded to the B.C.L.S., the application must be
signed by the President of the applicant’s Club.
The scholarships will be for a period of one year.
The selection committee will consist of the current Executive committee members and
past president(s).

E-Mail application & transcripts to:
or mail to:
BC Lapidary Society
PO Box 254 Station A
Abbotsford BC V2T 6Z6