Lapidary Pictures

“What can I make from Rock?” 

        The answer to this question is “It is only limited by your imagination.”   We have trained many people in lapidary since last winter.  There is no further attendance at the rock shop.  We are hearing that people make a few cabochons & then get bored because they are thinking that is all there is to lapidary.  Not true.  I ceased making cabochons shortly after my own training.  I prefer free form pendants & other products.  This feeling is increased by the fact that it is very difficult to find the settings for cabochons as very few people are doing this lapidary & so the shops are  not stocking them.  Wire wrapping has overtaken settings & rightly so as it is more artistic, personal & is adaptable to any shaped stone.

        In order to show some other possibilities for rock creations we have initiated a photo area on the website for displaying other rock creations.  We urge members to peruse these photos & give your imaginations free rein to make stuff which you will enjoy, be proud of & indulge your personal sense of beauty & worthwhile endeavour.  To accomplish this we have acquired equipment which will do different things – a flat lap for things which are flat such as coasters & bookends; a drill press for doing mosaics & drilling holes for attaching bales; a tumbler for making small polished stones; a buffer for that extra polishing at the  finish (it makes the creation very sensual).

        We urge people to photograph their creations which are different & can inspire others to be inventive.  Please submit photos to Greg Carson for inclusion in the photo area. 

        We have recently signed a new rental agreement with Arrowsmith Agricultural Association for a healthy increase in rent.  We need more people to utilize the shop to help pay this rent.  You have joined a lapidary club.  Make the most of your membership fee by using the shop.  This your club to enjoy; make it so.

         If there any other suggestions on what we can do to increase participation please don’t hesitate to contact any executive member or shop supervisor.


Jim Jeffs