PDRGC January 07,2020 Monthly General Meeting Agenda

Call to Order

-Thank you to all who have helped to do setup tonight
-Thank you to those who did the coffee prep: Judith and Denise
(Being as how Denise is now the Treasurer, we may need a replacement for her.)
Valerie Gaucher has kindly volunteered.

-Marion and Marcella’s Raffle Tickets: 3 for $1 and are an important part of our fundraising. Thank you to them both for doing this time and time again.  Thank you, Doreen for filling in for Marcella! 

-Welcome to New Members

Ed Ironside
Justina Penner
BJ Morrison
Scott Keielaienja

 Welcome to visitors/guests: Jill Joevenazzo

-Tonight’s program will be given by Ruthie Shewan about Rock Tumbling and tips for doing it.

Old Business

Secretary’s Report- Minutes of November 5th meeting

Discussion: accepted               Motion to approve: Bob Jelinek                                        Seconded: Ken Ginther                                          Carried:

Name Tags: $10 each with a little bit subsidized by the club. See Kathy Ginther if you require one.

Shop Fees: Jim Dixon to construct new motion to increase shop fees. Change motion from $9 per three-hour session to $7.50 per three-hour session as discussed at the Executive Meeting.

Discussion:  Jim amended the motion to increase the shop fees from $2.00 per hour to $2.50 per hour instead of the original motion of $3.00 per hour or $9.00 per 3hour session.

   Guy Chouinard pointed out that there has not been a shop fee increase in over 5 years.

  Maury asked how much was subsidized and Jim responded that approximately $2500.00 was subsidized last year.

  Jim Jeffs did a comparison of other clubs’ shop fees and decided you cannot compare because we all have different equipment, etc. 

              Motion to Approve: Jim Dixon                                  Seconded: Doug Shewan                                        Carried

We will still be offering punch cards at the old rate until January 31/2020.

New Business:

Treasurers Report: (Denise Schuetz-Jones)

Discussion: There was $3000.00 put into GIC’s on January 7/2020.  Denise will give Guy a hard copy of the treasures report to go into the files.                  Motion to approve: Judith Crosbie                                         Seconded: Ruthie Shewan                                       Carried

Membership Report: (Grace Saffin)

 There are currently 55 single memberships, 38 families and 8 children.

June Picnic:  Sharon and Jim Dixon have graciously invited us to have our June picnic in their beautiful backyard and Doug Shewan has once again agreed to be the auctioneer for it.  Any donations from members for the live auction would be greatly appreciated as this is another large fundraiser for our club. For those who have not attended it is a very good time and good food in Pot-Luck fashion.

2020 Christmas Party: everyone seemed to have such a good time and good food at the Legion this past  Christmas, so the executive decided to book it again for this year. It’ll be on Dec 01 from 6-8pm. Cost will be announced at a date nearer to the party.

Gemboree Info: (Doreen)

  Gemboree will be July 16-19/2020 at the Coombs fairground. We are in need of some volunteers for this event.

July 16- Wine and Cheese

July 17- Field trip and BBQ

July 18- Field trip and Potluck

July 19- Breakfast and Tailgate Sale

Showcases: motion to change mileage/rates for travel with the showcase from $.50 per kilometre each way to $.50 per kilometre one way only.

  The theme for the showcase is focussing on Members talents. Please bring any rock’s, crafts, etc. To the February meeting.

Showcases: a volunteer is required to oversee the showcase.

Bob Jelinek volunteered.

Coordinator for Family Day on Feb17 at the Coombs Fairgrounds
Ronnie Plavic has volunteered but we still need more volunteers.

Field Trips: the executive has decided to stop Field Trips in the winter months of Dec. Jan. And Feb due to inclement weather.

Courses: two sheets on the front table to be filled out at coffee to see what type of courses people would be interested in taking and what type of courses people would be interested in giving as per your skills.
The sheets got a little confusing, so as far as I can understand the people interested in giving courses are as follows:

Diamond Drilling by Jim Dixon
Fit to Finding by Jim Dixon

In shop discussion, talk on anything geology and rocks…..Bob Jelinek

Wire weaving by Christine Chouinard

Pinolite Lapidary Party by Doug Shewan sign up on google docs for January 19/2020.

Carving Soapstone by Larry Shable

The courses that people would like to see given are:

Wire weaving
Wire wrapping
Fit to finding
Drilling holes in cabs
Stone on stone drilling

We hope to have a good system in place by next meeting for signing up for specific course.

Presidents Report:

This is something very new to me and if I have forgotten anything or you would like to make any suggestions to me please feel free to contact me either by phone, email or just pull me aside here.


Liz Scholz has an interesting rock website which she has shared with us. The website is:

Doug Shewan is having a Pinolite party, Sunday January 19/2020 at the rock shop from 10-1. Limit of 6 people, sign up on google docs.

Jim McKinnon is having an ongoing sale of rocks and specimens. Rocks are $15.00 per flat or $1.00 per rock. Children and Grandchildren can pick 5 free rocks.

And finally…..the password for the members website is: Chert2020