Jim Dixon’s lapidary services:
Cost is per cut
My 20 “ saw can cut a stone 8”h by 24” long by 12” deep
Cuts Cost
up to 16 Square inches $4.00
17 to 25 square inches $5.00
36 to 44 square inches $6.00
45 to 55 square inches $7.00
56 to 65 square inches $8.00
66 to 75 square inches $9.00
76 to 86 square inches $10.00
Over 90 Square inches $11.00
Agate, jade, petrified wood Surcharge 20% per cut
I can rebuild or repair any lapidary machines
I will custom cut stones at the customer direction
I will cut when convenient. Best to leave for cutting.
Custom coasters: You supply stone, I will cut and polish or cut and shape. Pricing according to directions given.
Intarsia (cut and fit stones). I have a lot of designs and finished pieces. I can make custom jewelry with your stones
I can also do cheese boards or custom cabs as directed. You may have some favourite rocks to make into jewelry
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