Welcome to the Parksville and District Rock and Gem Club (PDRGC) Website

  • Collecting Beach & River Stones, Mineral & Crystal samples
  • Jewellery and other Lapidary creations
  • Information about Geology as well as local History
  • Celebrate rockhounding with a Show

These are just some of the things members of the Parksville & District Rock and Gem Club enjoy pursuing together.  In our monthly meetings we frequently host guest speakers who are specialists within these fields and others related, such as local history & geology, as well as having presentations from members of other rockhounding clubs on Vancouver Island.  We are active within our community, speaking to children in after school projects, hosting interactive tables at various community events, as well as the yearly Rock Show we host in the fall. With over 40 years of history behind us, our club is a diverse and well rounded group, from incredibly experienced wagonmasters leading our gathering outings to the technical experience of our Lapidary shop foremen and instructors.  Several of our members have their own Lapidary and Mineral related businesses, and can share experience with those interested in that aspect of the hobby.

All members of our Club also become a member of the British Columbia Lapidary Society (BCLS) and the Gem and Mineral Federation of Canada (GMFC). This means you are welcome to join in activities of other clubs, as well as offering a level of Insurance when active on official BCLS outings.

Currently our Meetings are held monthly on the first Tuesday, in addition to our field trips, workshops and other social events. We have a new home for our Lapidary Shop. We are back to in operation with training, doing lapidary and holding workshops.  Visitors are, of course, welcome at our meetings!  Please explore the site further and do not hesitate to contact us for more information.



Parksville And District Rock And Gem Club